Why Should I Choose RuneQuest?

For more than 30 years RuneQuest has figured amongst the great roleplaying games. Here are a few reasons why...

  • Intuitive: RuneQuest's rules are easy to learn and easy to use. Everything you need to know is held on your character sheet.
  • Modular: Although a complete and elegant system, RuneQuest is highly modular. Individual systems, such as the different magic systems, can be easily excluded to reflect a particular style of campaign or setting. Removing certain systems does not break the overall integrity of the mechanics.
  • Flexible: RuneQuest can model just about any kind of fantasy - grim Swords and Sorcery; world-saving High Fantasy; dark romance; mythic-historical settings... RuneQuest makes all of them possible with the same mechanics.
  • Realism: Although a fantasy game RuneQuest is successful at simulating realism. Its combat system, for instance, is based on real-world fighting techniques by experts in close-quarters combat.
  • Skill-Based: Characters are defined by their skills - not abstract levels - and their progress is measured in how their expertise develops. No character is confined to an archetype; the character develops how you want it to develop.
  • Gritty, but Heroic: RuneQuest characters and bad-guys can be felled by a single, well-placed blow, yet the game also maintains systems allowing for truly heroic actions in a cinematic style.
  • Complete: RuneQuest 6th Edition will be a complete game in one book. Everything players and Games Masters need to play will be there, in one volume. This has long been the RuneQuest tradition and the 6th Edition will see the most comprehensive edition of RuneQuest yet.
  • Campaigns and Adventures: One of RuneQuest's defining qualities has been the strength of its campaigns and adventures in terms of quality, creativity and scope: from the lauded supplements such as Griffin Mountain, through Borderlands, Pavis and Big Rubble. The Design Mechanism will be bringing you more campaigns and adventures of this ilk.

Praise for The Design Mechanism's Work on Mongoose's RuneQuest II

Pete and Loz developed the RuneQuest II system for Mongoose. Here's what people have had to say...

"So would I recommend RuneQuest? Darn tooting. To my eyes its the best version of RQ yet and my favourite BRP-based game."
Bruce Mason: RPGnet Review

"This is an excellent D100 roleplaying system for fantasy. RQII's game mechanics are easy to learn and quick to play."
B Fuller, Amazon.com Review

"This is probably the best version of RQ ever and one that emphasizes playability while retaining the thematic elements that make RQ so distinctive... Best RPG Core Rules I've seen"
The Rune Underwater Blog